Dr Kershaw’s calls all businesses with vans for help collecting trees after Christmas

DR Kershaw’s Hospice is calling for kind-hearted businesses to help them dispose of Christmas trees after this year’s festive period.

The Hospice is holding their Christmas Tree Collection Appeal once more which sees them collect trees from across the boro
ugh on January 13 and 14.

They are partnering with registered charity Just Helping, whose back-office software provides route mapping when people book through the website to have their tree collected.

Locals can simply make a donation and their details are logged and then added to a route map.

But to ensure the collections can go ahead, the Hospice is calling on local businesses to lend them their large vehicles and time for the two days.

They said: “We need companies with vans, lorries or trailers to help us by donating some time that weekend to collect trees and drop them off at one of the recycling sites.

“Just Helping’s software will ensure that collection routes are efficient and organised and because we have so many sites to take the trees to, the routes should be quite localised.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to work together, along with volunteers, to raise funds for Dr Kershaw’s Hospice and ensure this precious place remains open for patients and their families.

“If you can spare even one van and two staff on just one of these two days, we would be eternally grateful.”

Dr Kershaw’s Hospice has the support of Oldham Council who are permitting them to use several recycling sites across the borough.

The council is also going to mulch the trees down and donate the mulch back to the Hospice for use in their beautiful gardens.

Send an email to: fundraising@drkershawshospice.org.uk or call 0161 624 9984 for more information.

If you’d like your tree collecting register online: www.charityxmastreecollection.com


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